Earmachine - Hearing Aid App

Earmachine - Hearing Aid App

The application replaces a standalone hearing aid. To use it, you just need a standard headset.

Specific features of the hearing aid:

  • Acoustic amplification + 200% for a standard headset
  • Quick start - switch on hearing correction for your age group in 5 seconds
  • Built-in audiological hearing test (audiometry)
  • Automatic adjustment of the amplification degree based on the audiometry data
  • Individual sound amplification for each ear
  • Increase your interlocutor’s speech intelligibility using noise suppression - remove the background noise (of the street, workshop, cafe, etc.)
  • Smart adaptation to various types of noise - the application will automatically change the settings depending on the surrounding noise
  • Help in case of severe hearing loss. Use a unique algorithm - frequency shift of perception of high frequencies
  • Help in case of tinnitus
  • Amplification of quiet sounds

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